“ So the young man alternates two things: pencil and chisel. These are the tools that guide him to immortality ”


Balderi Marmi

The strong aspiration for a professional growth always testing abilities and constantly accepting new challenges, comes from the ambition of combining beauty with balance in the shapes. That is how “Balderi Marbles of Pier Lorenzo Balderi” was born.

The driving concept behind the Balderi Marbles company is a desire of converting every single commissioned job into an unique emotion.

The thirty years experience in marble and on how it can be molded and manufactured, together with the skills and architectural knowledge, confer to the “Balderi Marbles” both an international and territorial upheld reputation. The company is affirmed all around the World conceiving interior design masterpieces and unique artistic goods. Every single commission is examined by the expert and sharp eye of specialized artisans before leaving Pier Lorenzo’s workshop.

Balderi Marmi designs, builds and gives birth to every idea for any tailored environment.

The company boasts a great team of highly qualified experts who are skilled, available and reliable for the success of the custom-made projects.
The company is constantly researching new methodologies and approaches to marble in order to adapt the machineries and the production processes to the fluctuating market requirements.

Take a look to our works of art

The combination of qualified craftsmanship and artistic flair allowed the Balderi Marble company to conceive countless unique masterpieces.
The exclusive works contribute in exporting and presenting the Italian excellence to the World.

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