The Town of Marble

Pietrasanta: the town of marble and the marble soul’s artists.

Pietrasanta, also known as “The small Athens” is a pearl nestled in the radiance of the Versilia’s territory, located at the bottom of the majestic chain of the Apuan Alps.

In 1518 Michelangelo discovered the precious statuary marbles in the area. His restless soul, mindful of the negotiation of the marble for the façade of San Lorenzo, in Florence, seams to be still roaming and echoing around Pietrasanta.


” You see a block, think of the image!
the image is inside, you just need to undress it!”

– Michelangelo Bonarroti

From the beginning of 1800, the marble extraction led to the creation of a marble railway and to the development of Carrara’s harbour.

Over the time, Pietrasanta has witnessed the rise of outstanding masters, who with their knowledge and skills, managed to convert the rough potential of the natural material into some exceptional work of art. Pier Lorenzo Balderi learnt the core of his current profession by experimenting and make profound use of his coarse and dusty hands in order to foster deep affection for marble.

With respectable professionalism Balderi acquired an identity upholding his knowledge and competence in Pietrasanta.

Today, every item that comes out of his workshop expresses its maximum potential beauty, elegance and thoughtfulness for each detail. At this stage, the good is ready for being sent and delivered all around the World.

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